Sorry for all the spam guys, I had not been checking as much as I should. Feel free to PM me or contact me in email or skype if you need me. I will continue the work this week, but here is where we are:

1) I removed a ton of spam accounts. Manually removed 6000+ accounts that were probably all spam.

2) If your real account was removed, it is STILL THERE, just email me -[email]- and tell me your username to restore, and PROVE you are human or better yet a CSS player / FT crew or I may not respond...

3) I have disabled user registration for the moment. Old users can still login and post, but to be safe I say we shut down user regs until I have time to upgrade to a new version with better captcha images.

4) I will remove any spam posts this week (busy week!). That part is much easier to do, when I have time smile

5) PM me if you see any more spammers, im sure there are a few the got through the cracks during my delete.

<3 krem 6/2/2014

PS our site and posts are paid up until 2016 still smile

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