In early 2013 a transmission of unknown origin was detected on the Deep Space Radio Array, 8 light-months distant Earth. After more than 3 months, the signal is still being broadcast in our exact direction from a source at the center of our galaxy. Needless to say, we do not know the identity of the broadcaster, and humans have only travelled 2 light-seconds from Earth. After exhaustive research, we have only the most basic information on the broadcast. The signal originates from near the center of our galaxy, the constellation Sagitarius, approx. 22,000 light years from Earth. The power required for this is astronomical, indicating a large Deep Space Radio that was not created by mankind. Given that this transmission comes from 22,000 light years distant, and includes recent human voices and music types, the broadcasters have likely found a way to break the light barrier. Transcoded directly to internet radio from the live broadcast, we bring you Deep Space Radio. We will keep the public updated as events unfold. -Chief Communications Officer krem

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